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The Alkmaar Freedom House project can only succeed when we have a full staff of motivated and capable volunteers, who can receive the refugees in a warm and open atmosphere. Importantly, the volunteers who do this work every day should feel supported by the city of Alkmaar. 150 volunteers have come forward so far, which means the project can go ahead.

How to recognize volunteers
The volunteers will be wearing a badge with their first name on it. For privacy reasons we suggest they do not mention their last name.

Coffee and tea
Coffee and tea will be available whenever the Alkmaar Freedom House is open, and the volunteers are always ready to try and give everyone the support they need. After all, the Vrijheidskerk is a place that wants to make everybody feel welcome.

Language café
The Language café of the Alkmaar Freedom House is the core of the project. The volunteers who lead this activity have been trained by the Kennemerwaard Library. The educational material used is published by the Stichting Lezen en Schrijven (Reading and Writing Foundation).

Practical and spiritual support
It turns out that refugees have many questions of a practical nature. Our volunteers will do the best they can to support the refugees in finding answers to these questions. Apart from help with practical questions, a team of professionals is on hand every day to support the refugees in spiritual matters.

More volunteers needed
We always need more volunteers. Would you like to join our team? Please ask the volunteers at the Vrijheidskerk for more information or write to info@alkmaarsedraadvankerken.nl. When applying please use the online application form.

Application form

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