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Project refugees

Project for Refugees
Alkmaar has two refugee centres. One on the Picassolaan and one on the Robonsbosweg. The people living there have fled war and persecution, and have requested asylum in the Netherlands. Some of them have been granted a temporary residence permit, some are still waiting for theirs.

Alkmaar Freedom House
The Alkmaar council of churches, together with the citizens of Alkmaar, has decided to create an informal meeting place for the refugees in the Vrijheidskerk.  We decided to call this space Alkmaar Freedom House.

Welcome to the Vrijheidskerk, where tea and coffee are waiting for you and where together with the people of Alkmaar you can experience freedom. This is the place for refugees to share their stories and experiences. If you want to you can learn about Dutch language and culture in our language café. The language café is staffed by volunteers, who are supported by the Kennemerwaard Library. These same volunteers, together with professionals, are also happy to help you with practical and spiritual matters.
The Vrijheidskerk and the Alkmaar Freedom House project want to help refugees to make starting a new life in Alkmaar go as smoothly as possible.

Opening hours
Alkmaar Freedom House in the Vrijheidskerk welcomes you every Monday to Friday from 14.00 to 16.00.

Since a few months Erick Detremain plays every Friday afternoon from 15.00-16.00 hours on guitar. The refugees were very enthousiastic and some asked for guitar lessons. Erick Detremain accept this and give now the first hour guitar lessons.
In the second week of September Gitaarshop Heemstede and owner Ted van Kampen gives us 6 brand new guitars for a very low price. We thank him for his goodwill to help the refugees to make music.

This project is financially supported by the churches and religious associations of Alkmaar, as well as by other local associations, private persons and special funds.
However, there is always a need for more support, and any and all financial help is welcome. Please make your donation to account number NL77 INGB 0002685243 of Alkmaarse Raad van Kerken, citing ‘Vluchtelingenproject Vrijheidskerk’. We are very grateful for your support!

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